Bio Planet Producer and Distributor of Organic Food

We offer around 250 organic food ingredients (nuts, dried fruits, pulses, grains, superfoods etc.) in a number of packaging options available. We provide Bio Planet products under our own brand. We also can prepare a private label in any language in different weights. Bio Planet is looking for potential distributors in the world.

Meet our product range in:
• Belarus,
• Denmark,
• Estonia,
• Georgia,
• Germany,
• Latvia,
• Lithuania,
• Moldova,
• Norway,
• Portugal,
• Romania,
• Slovakia,
• Slovenia,
• Switzerland,
• Ukraine,
• United Kingdom.

Do not hesitate to contact if you require any further queries about our offer, products, packaging plant or B2B e-commerce.

export manager
(+48) 785-085-008, (+48) 222-070-313
export manager